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The Paradyn Story

Foundation and Vision

In 2013, mathematical optimisation scientists, Doctors James Whitacre, Antony Iorio and Sven Schellenberg discovered that a particular class of advanced optimisation techniques are highly effective for the value-chain optimisation problem. This breakthrough in solving one of the toughest industrial optimisation problems known to industry resulted in the founding of Paradyn and the mission to bring the solution to this problem to market so that significant unrealised profit can be extracted from any bulk-commodity value-chain.

Optimisation Science

The founders of Paradyn are experts in designing the underlying optimisation algorithms found within many optimisation libraries.  James, Antony and Sven have proven successes designing bespoke optimisation algorithms for large mining value chains for BMA, Glencore, FMG, and Roy Hill.

The founders hold PhD and Post-doctoral qualifications across mathematical optimisation (operations research) from respected research universities, and their multiple, internationally peer-reviewed journal articles have been cited over 1500 times. The unique combination of their industrial experience, scientific rigour to problem solving, and vision, provided the basis for the BlendOpt value-chain optimiser solution.

Solving the Toughest Problems

Designed exclusively for bulk commodity value-chains, BlendOpt is a value chain integrated planning system with artificial intelligence (prescriptive analytics) designed specifically to help you optimise value-chain decisions.

You can control multiple material attributes and optimise across large numbers of stockpiles, blending locations, and processing steps to optimise total throughput, recovery, costs, and NPV.   

BlendOpt uniquely models and optimises non-linear aspects of a value-chain including optimisation through time from minutes to years, driving decision evaluation in terms of the bigger picture and consistently delivering value under dynamic conditions.  All decisions have full traceability readily accessible to you. BlendOpt’s ingenuity, borne of published research and operational application experiences of its creators, is embedded in the technical layer, UX, interactive dashboards, and fast implementation methodology.

Mining operations and agribusinesses can quickly realise the benefits of mathematical optimisation through BlendOpt’s agile configurable off the shelf (COTS) software responsive to rapidly changing dynamics. The underlying ‘smarts’ are standardised meaning no ‘bespoke coding’ is required.  We simply train you and support your early configuration of your operation’s model.  This approach has you testing ideas and developing insights within a couple of weeks.

The Journey Continues

Since 2013, Paradyn has grown to build a highly capable team of smart software engineers, developers, and SMEs that share our vision and continue to deliver for our valued customers.

In 2018 Paradyn established its partnership with Datamine to provide business development and technical support across the globe. Today BlendOpt is being used by companies on five continents and covering all of the major exporting regions and continues to grow. We're very excited about what the future holds for our customers, and can't wait to see how much value they continue to unlock with BlendOpt.

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