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Careers at Paradyn

Paradyn is always interested in talking to smart, creative and talented people. Current vacancies will be listed below. If we’re not actively recruiting, and you think that you would be a good fit with us, shoot us an email at to introduce yourself.

About Paradyn

  • Innovative boutique software development (SaaS) house
  • Focused on complex dynamic systems within the Mining Sector
  • We are researchers, developers, and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in solving real-world problems.
  • For 10+ years Paradyn continues to shake up the global mining industry with our novel cloud-based technology.
  • Servicing domestic and international clients who span the globe, our BlendOpt software discovers tens of millions of dollars in profit using our proprietary mathematical optimization and descriptive analytics.
  • Our continued success translating innovation to business outcomes pushes us to grow and seek outstanding people to join our exceptional team.

Paradyn's Culture

We know that smart and creative people realize their full potential when granted autonomy. We deeply value our people and their skills and input. We know they're creative because they deliver novel solutions to challenging problems every day.

We know they have strong emotional intelligence because they place effort in communication to facilitate alignment within multi-disciplinary teams.

We know they have exciting futures because they self-reflect and invite opportunities to grow and learn.

Competence drives freedom. Our people are constantly growing and learning. They invest time to acquire and then apply domain knowledge to ensure technical brilliance translates to exciting customer results. Our people learn and build upon repeatable systems and processes. We continually innovate, increasing our responsiveness and our individual and collective success. Our meritocracy creates a pathway for you unbound by age, background or location.

Freedom comes from consistently demonstrated competence. Freedom to make critical design choices, freedom to work flexible hours, freedom to realize your potential, freedom to fail and improve.

Current Vacancies

Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer
Software Quality Assurance
Technical Delivery Analyst (TBA)