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Optimise gold recovery through mill feed blending, processing and stock inventories with Collaborative Mathematical Optimisation (CMO)

Simultaneous optimisation of process feed control strategies, blending and stock inventories using BlendOpt

To remain competitive, respond quickly to changes in market conditions, and maximise revenue outcomes it is important to consider a holistic strategy for value creation as well as improve the coordination of operations planning across the mining value-chain. The BlendOpt software application collaborates with you by utilising your expert knowledge and decision making with mathematical optimisation in order to find ideal plans and schedules for your gold operation.

Plans for mining, grinding, and processing, are difficult to align with recovery and NPV objectives if each planning activity is developed separately instead of holistically. In practice, value-chain optimisation is only achievable through integrated planning. By integrated planning, we mean coordinated planning of decisions between mining, processing, inventory, logistics, maintenance, and sales. While the importance of integrated planning is recognised, its execution is difficult without the right tools to support this process.

BlendOpt is the first mathematical optimisation software tool that supports gold mine to mill integrated planning. Starting with a mine schedule, the BlendOpt Collaborative Mathematical Optimiser (CMO) discovers strategies for how ore should be blended, milled and processed, maximising recovery and throughput while managing costs. Mathematically optimised plans are created using algorithms that test thousands of possible plans in search of the highest profit from the data provided.

Previous mine value-chain optimisation software has historically been unable to accurately model the problem and did not contain algorithmic techniques that could solve the problem in a timely fashion or address the multitude of mining value-chain constraints. In addition, any results generated were difficult to analyse thereby limiting what insights could be gained to inform practical improvements to business strategy, or tactical and operational decision making.

BlendOpt for Gold mining and processing

The BlendOpt solution has been engineered to manage the complexity of the Gold mine to mill value-chain and can support decision making in the following areas :-

  • Highly flexible recovery, throughput, and cost model calculations to optimise profits and that take into consideration properties including head grade, arsenic, abrasion, hardness, sulphur and other properties.
  • Scenario testing to quantify benefits and risks associated with hypothetical changes to the operation.
  • Planning that directly factors in uncertainty using either predictive or historical data on the variability of material (physical and chemical) properties.
  • Improvements to the stability of intra-day feed blends with benefits to concentrate grade and total recovery.
  • Optimisation under small inventory capacity conditions.

If you'd like to learn more, please read our gold mine to mill case study where BlendOpt was utilised by a gold miner to optimise their planning processes.

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Make high-quality decisions

BlendOpt value-chain optimisation platform

  • Do you find your current short, medium, and long term planning could be more effective?

  • Do you spend too much time reconciling actuals with forecasts?

  • Do your planning and scheduling tools support multi-disciplinary coordination?

  • Do your planning activities allow you to analyse opportunities and implement changes that unlock additional value?

  • Do your scheduling activities allow you to co-ordinate and synchronise up and downstream?

  • Does your business have the best tools to synchronise planning processes with operations?

  • Are you able to effectively reconcile short term plans with the long term?

  • Do your planning activities allow you to de-risk operational bottlenecks and capacity constraints?

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What can BlendOpt do for you?

  • Automatically explore thousands of scenarios.

  • Generate forecasts and measure their value based on tonnage, revenue, cost reduction.

  • Digital Twin your operation and optimise schedules and plans based on a multitude of constraints and objectives, and formulas.

  • Optimise for any defined objective.

  • Satisfy all of your hard constraints.

  • Prescriptive actionable analytics and understandable plans that make sense.

  • replace your spreadsheet planning and scheduling with a web-based multi-user application with configurable dashboards.

Unlock latent value

Our customers are discovering Increased profit potential of 5% to 18% over their current planning and scheduling processes with BlendOpt.

screenshot of the BlendOpt prescriptive analytics
screenshot of the BlendOpt prescriptive analytics

For your role

BlendOpt has been engineered with a diversity of specialist roles in mind, whether you work in technical services, marketing and logistics or commodity trading, BlendOpt can address the workflows and the pain points that matter to you in your work.

Take control of the key drivers of performance in your organisation

Visualise material flows across your value chain with BlendOpt’s prescriptive analytics and interactive reports - understand the impact up and down-stream of decisions made within your silo operation and synchronise planning with operations.

screenshot of the BlendOpt prescriptive analytics
screenshot of the BlendOpt prescriptive analytics

Coordinate and synchronise

Coordinate your people with integrated planning and scheduling and take control of your operation - control and coordinate planning and scheduling decisions between point-of-origin, processing, stockpiling, logistics and sales using multiple integrated time-horizons from minutes through years, to life of operation.

Integrate and optimise

Quickly create high quality practical plans and schedules that optimises what matters to you - whether it’s haulage, rail, stockpiling, feed consistency, processing, product definitions or something else.

Prescriptive analytics for planning and operations

Mathematically optimise commodity, metals and mining value-chains and automatically generate prescriptive high quality actionable insights for significant cost reductions and revenue uplift. BlendOpt's Collaborative Mathematical Optimiser (CMO) works with you like a member of your team to increase the value of your operation by empowering your individuals, teams and organisation to make great decisions.