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Optimise pigment production and feedstock grade in the mineral sands value-chain

Feedstock grade is a critical determinant of pigment production volumes. In the case of titanium feedstock, higher grade feed entering the plant results in more pigment produced and consequently less waste. Chloride pigment plants mostly use a blend of different feedstocks with different titanium dioxide grades. Indeed, most chloride pigment plants are orientated to higher grade feedstocks - plants are typically large and sophisticated, and operational efficiency is highly dependent on specifications of the feedstock blends.

Optimise plant feeds and reduce waste

BlendOpt can assist pigment production by designing optimised feed and processing schedules using Artificial Intelligence and collaborative mathematical optimisation that leverages the expertise of your decision makers, resulting in waste minimisation, reduced costs and improved margins, while keeping your blends within a desired range of control.

Forecast, plan and respond effectively to variation

Pigment plant capacity utilisation is closely correlated to industrial production and GDP trends - BlendOpt's integrated scheduling and forecasting/planning features can respond to variation and disruptions effectively allowing producers to make consistent high quality decisions with their plant operations.

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Make high-quality decisions

BlendOpt value-chain optimisation platform

  • Does your product portfolio represent the value that can be delivered to market?

  • Do you find your current short, medium, and long term planning could be more effective?

  • Do you spend too much time reconciling actuals with forecasts?

  • Do your planning and scheduling tools support multi-disciplinary coordination?

  • Do your planning activities allow you to analyse opportunities and implement changes that unlock additional value?

  • Do your scheduling activities allow you to co-ordinate and synchronise up and downstream?

  • Does your business have the best tools to synchronise planning processes with operations?

  • Are you able to effectively reconcile short term plans with the long term?

  • Do your planning activities allow you to de-risk operational bottlenecks and capacity constraints?

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What can BlendOpt do for you?

  • Automatically explore thousands of scenarios.

  • Generate forecasts and measure their value based on tonnage, revenue, cost reduction.

  • Digital Twin your operation and optimise schedules and plans based on a multitude of constraints and objectives, and formulas.

  • Optimise for any defined objective.

  • Satisfy all of your hard constraints.

  • Prescriptive actionable analytics and understandable plans that make sense.

  • replace your spreadsheet planning and scheduling with a web-based multi-user application with configurable dashboards.